Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some items requested by readers

A number of our visitors to our blog have emailed us asking for information on some items of furnishing that they are keen on . So this posting is for them.

L-shaped Sofa set from Furniture Club @ Furniture Mall , Beach Road, The Plaza.
Model : S3 L-shaped Full Techno PU Leather ( Colour: 16 G5 Red )

Dimensions : Width of L - portion ( 1.75m ) / Length of sofa including L portion ( 2.85m ) and

Width of sofa ( 1.10m)

Features : Adjustable reclining back rest. ( Flat to 70 degrees upright)

Free gift : 2 suede throw in cushion ( colour of choice )

Cost : $2500 ( after discount )

We like the sofa because it is impressive in size and the design is very modern contemporary. We like the fact that the back can recline till flat providing a second tier of seating.
Also, the design is good as the back of the sofa has a stepped portion that provides a bench. Maintainance wise, it is easy as PU Leather only requires a wipe.

Television Console from Furniture Club
Model : MG 11 ( colour : Gloss Laminate Black )

Dimensions : Length 2.10m / Depth 55cm / Height 37.5cm )

Cost : $500 ( after discount )

We like the simple clean lines, a drawer to hide stuff , glass shelving and chromed legs. The gloss laminate looks good too but you have to buy a non scratch 3M cloth to wipe the surface.

Dining Table and Dining Chairs from Mondi @ The Plaza, The Furniture Mall
Model : Noovy Dinette ( Colour - Black ) with Noovy PU Leather Chairs ( Colour - Black and red )

Dimensions : 1.3m x 92cm

Cost : $1160 after discount ( Table and 4 chairs)

$256 ( additional 2 chairs )

Free Gift : Set of 6 Mondi coasters

We like the contemporary glass look plus the straight cut legs with modern lines. Legs at the edges help create lots of leg space below table ading comfortable seating. Also, the PU Leather chairs are really comfortable for seating for long hours and they look just as good.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Study Area

Pre-Renovation :

Post - renovation :

As both of us required a workspace to do our work, we partition half of the former master bedroom into a study area, with the other half used as our walk-in wardrobe area. In line with the colour theme, we selected dolphin gray colour for the study. An exception was made to paint the false wall ( used to separate study and walk-in while housing walk-in wardrobe and shelving)
red to brighten up the space.
We asked our ID to customise a black laminated display cabinet with glass door and shelves in the corner of the study area to house our wedding and sentimental items for display. We chose a floral pattered laminate finishing(see above) to jazz up the display cabinet.

To provide lighting for the display cabinet(above), we installed a downlight linked to a concealed light switch.

(Above)Study table area viewed from passage between study and walk-in wardrobe area

As the false wall blocks off most of the natural light from the window, we had to install a light point to light up the study area. We sourced a modern contemporary flouroscent pendant lighting (below )from Lightcraft. We managed to get a 20% discount and it cost us $161. We discussed with our electrician where to mount the electrical points in relation to how many appliances we have at the study. As we were going to locate our cordless phone base at the study, we asked the electrician to re-route the telephone wire and put up a new telephone point at the location of the study table. We splurge a little bit to get a Legrand telephone point(below) which was more aesthetically pleasing. We know that some people may wonder why we are quite particular but we were also very surprised that we became quite particular about design, even the itsy bitsy,something which we did not know about ourselves before doing up the house.

To provide shelving for Gayle's story books, we mounted a black IKEA LACK shelf($29) as a cost effective alternative (above) to a customised shelf over the study table. Do try to project the relation of your body height and arm length to gauge a comfortable height to mount a bookshelf. It should not be too high as you need to be able to reach it to pick a heavy book or give it a wipe easily.
For our study table, we bought a glass top table with grey steel legs from IKEA (above). We chose this table because the glass top has a black floral pattern(below) that complements our display cabinet and looks contemporary. The flat table top also provide adequate space for our desktop, laptop, router and telephone base plus stationaries. It also has ample space for future appliances like a printer.

We managed to get a affordable study chair ( Winner's Go Getter WM2221A ) from Goh Furniture Decoration at $398(above). Similar ones we saw elsewhere like V - hive were selling between $450 - $800 and they looked very 'towkay'. We were looking for a chair with chromed legs and roller castors and chromed arm rest support bars plus synthetic leather material. This chair matched our requirements and we bought it. Plus points are it's firm back support with adjustable recliner and height levers for seating adjustment. They sell many types of office or study chairs that cater to all budgets. You can visit their warehouse at 55 Ubi Avenue 1 #04-16 (Ground Floor), UBI 55 Singapore 408935.Tel : 65 6842 9450 if you are looking for chairs for your study. We placed a floor protector from IKEA to prevent scratches from the rollers of the chair.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Walk In Wardrobe

Pre-Renovation :Post-Renovation :

A modern home would in our honest opinion not be one without a walk-in wardrobe. There is simply nothing like just coming out after a shower and having everything you need right in front of you displayed in organized and neat fashion with adequate space to change and do minor wash ups. We converted half the original master room into the walk in with the other half used for the study area. We converted a second adjoining common room into the new master bedroom resulting in one continuous private abode for us from master bath to master walk in to master study to master bedroom. Converting half the room into a walk in instead of just using a narrow strip of space as seen in many walk-ins allows two persons to change with ample space.

We had considered between systems wardrobe or more conventional shelves and drawers and found the latter to be more suitable as systems wardrobe have an open shelving design which just provides less flexibility in storage space, more exposed to dust( a real problem from what we heard from friends and seems to be pricier.
After speaking to our ID and in relation to our budget, we opted for a more conventional system of shelves and drawers housed into a built in L shaped false wall which would double as a privacy partition between walk in and study areas. You can see part of the false wall(Above - painted red) which creates a private corridor from study to walk-in. In coming up with a design for the walk in shelving space, one needs to consider one's clothing needs and storage space.We opted for hanging space ( Above) where there is provision for hanging of dresses with a higher placed clothes bar , deep drawers and open shelves plus valuables drawers with key locks.Deep drawers help to keep items out of sight while there are deep shelving space or a built-intable top space for your facial items(above) etc. The hang bars for clothes can be removed and adjusted to provide space for hanging dresses if required. Top shelves can be used to store bulky items kept in neat boxes.
To save costs, we opted for good quality thick suede curtains instead of doors which would be more cumbersome. The curtains add a boutique feel to the walk-in , together with the 4 halogen spotlights used as the walk-in's lighting.(Below)We had a pulmet (seen above) built to house the tracks for the curtain. It is a must to cover up, be it doors or curtains as firstly, it would be good to hide our clothes, especially undergarments etc from public view and also, makes the walk in look less messy and cluttered. Curtains are a cheaper alternative to doors for those like us who are keen to rein in their budget.The renovation works for the walk-in also included a vanity sink and built in(Above). As the vanity sink will be a wet area, we included a solid top to ensure that it would be hardy against moisture.

We got a top mounted American Standard white sink(Above) from Hoe Kee. An expensive splurge on our part was our purchase of a Hansgrohe Axor Starck Single level Basin mixer, priced at $570 after 25% discount(Below). We managed to loan a SIA Priority passenger card from a relative to attain the 25% discount. If you are into buying Hansgrohe, look for Gillian, a very helpful and courteous sales executive there who tipped us on the discount offer.

In addition , we installed a Inda Touch fitted bar(Below) with soap dispenser and glass tumbler to house our toothbrushs, soap and face towels. Those keen can purchase it from Ferrera Asiapac at UE Square, priced at $512 after discount.

As the master bath is opens up into the walk-in, we put 2 thirsty hippos in the walk in area to absorb moisture. In addition, we installed a KDK ventilator fan in the master bath which has helped keep the entire place moist free.

We have received requests for the specs for our walk-in and these are provided as follows :
Custom build full height walk in wardrobe with curtain track pulmet ( 13feet ) - $2470

Custom build top and bottom vanity cabinet using laminate finish with solid surface top - $660

Custom mirror for vanity top - $400

Custom build 2 sided false wall as backing for walk-in wardrobe - $280

Other items installed in walk-in : 1.) Inda Europe Towel Bar from Ferrera Asiapac priced at $60 per piece after discount (above)

2.) IKEA Hovet Full Height Wall mounted mirror at $199 ( below )

3.) Halogen Spot Light from i - Lite at $120 ( Below )

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Common Bathroom

For the common bathroom, we wanted a funky and fun design which would also be simple and low cost. We decided on a simple space theme by doing the following :

1) A series of black and white combination contoured patterned floor to ceiling wall tiles

We opted for rectangular shaped tiles that would give a bigger and modern feel to the bathroom. The top and bottomed layers of the wall would be tiled with black tiles to blend in with the black tiled flooring and black painted ceiling while the middle layer would be tiled with white tiles to provide a contrast while brightening up the bathroom. The glossy feel of the tiles give it an expensive finish while the contoured patterned design of each tile helps to give a designer feel to the bathroom.
2) A rocket shaped lighting

We sourced the rocket shaped light from i-lite at Jalan Besar near the lavender food centre. We chose a fun piece of lighting to give the bathroom some zest and it has been a talking point for most of our friends who have visited our place.

3) Black homogenous floor tiles We used the same homogenous black tiles for all our bathrooms and kitchen as it has a non slip texture. Safety is very important in wet areas.

4) Black coloured ceiling and pipes

We took a 'dare' to paint the pipes and ceiling black. It has turned out quite nice.

5) A funky alien toilet roll holder

Sourced for $48 from Takashimaya departmental store at Ngee Ann City. Together with the rocket light, adds a zest to the bathroom.

6) Stainless steel hot and cold water piping

As part of the modern industrial touches that we wanted for our bathrooms, we opted for stainless steel piping. These blend well with our chrome taps and mixers.

In addition, we installed the following items in the common bathroom :

1) Hansgrohe Focus E Wall mount Shower Mixer

2) Crestial Chrome 3 spray Shower Head

3) Hansgrohe Focus Single lever Basin Mixer

4) White squared basin with stainless steel drainage piping ( Hoe Kee )

Stainless steel drainage piping(below) sourced from Hoe Kee which cost $48. Comtractors will usually supply white plastic piping which are far cheaper but aesthetically less pleasing.
5) 2 door vanity mirrored finished wall mounted cabinet ( Hoe Kee )

Vanity mirrored cabinet cost $100. We chose it as the shelving design allows for bottles of different heights to be kept and it had a complete mirrored finish. Doors have a magnetic locking device.

6) Wash Closet Suite - C189 ( Sim Siang Choon ) with slow closing seat cover

7) Ferroli Water Storage Heater
Ferroli water heater(above)sourced from Rigel Technology Singapore located at 12 Kaki Bukit View, Kaki Bukit Tech Park 2. Do ask for discount. Ours was a Ferroli SG15 ( 15L) storage water heater priced at $220. Installation is done by your plumber through your reno contractor or ID.

8) PD Slide and open doors for common bathroom entrance
PD slide and open doors were installed as they have a longer operational life and minimize clearnace opening space required. One set costs $270 inclusive of instllation and door frame.


The final result was worth the effort as we were amazed at the difference after the renovation as shown below -

Pre- Renovation ( sink / WC area )

Post - Renovation ( sink / WC area )

Pre - Renovation ( Wall area )

Post - Renovation ( Wall area )

Pre - Renovation ( Shower area )

Post - Renovation ( Shower area )