Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More mickey minnie stuff for us

After admiring the disney products at Franc Franc at Vivocity for some time, we were glad to see a 20% discount on all the disney products and took the opportunity to buy mickey and minnie table placemat for our room dining table and cups to replace our current ones. Continuing our lookout for more good buys for mickey and minnie stuff for our home.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BMW 116i/118i Group meetup to assemble AC Schnitzer Sport Pedals

Over the weekend, we met up with fellow forumers of the BMW F20 116i/118i to collect and self assemble AC Schnitzer Sports Pedals that the group had bought in a group buy. Thanks to the fellow forumers espcially Les and Forestgum who taught us how to fit the sports pedals and help us with drilling instructions and show how. For the accelerator pedal, you will need to pull out the protective seal of the locking screw at the bottom of the accelerator pedal and use a Bar screwdriver to unscrew the pedal assembly from the floor mount. Then lift the accelerator pedal assembly off and unplug the electronic processor socket. Then you will need to stick some masking tape to secure the spots pedal on teh accelerator pedal and make a marking on the 4 scew holes on the tape. After, that power drill through. Then screw in the 4 screws in the front and with washer and bolt nut securing from the back of the pedal. Then assemble the pedal to the floor mount.Use Allen key to tighten from front. For the Foot rest, just align the entire footrest pedal on the original floor rest and drill it in. Use allen key to tighten. For the brake pedal, remove the rubber grip and expose the metal surface of the pedal. Masking tape over pedal to make a marking on holes to screw using the sports brake pedal as guide. Then drill through the pedal and mount the screws in, securing tightly with washer and bolt nuts. Pedals were bought off ebay for around $85 inclusive of shipping costs. After that we had a group photo at the top level of the carpark where we met for this sports pedal assembly session.
(Above) The AC Schnitzer Sports Pedals installed - Footrest, brake Pedal and accelerator pedal.