Thursday, October 4, 2007

Marriage Proposal Poem

The words I want to say may be simple but I hope that each word will touch you and let your heart understand the deepness of my love for you.
My Love For you has grown from day to day for I miss you each time we are apart
I hold you close within my heart and when you are in my arms I cannot help but feel that I have found a compassionate soul mate.
I Know that whatever the future You need not fear it for I know with certainty that each and every day to come shall bring me to the realization that I will love you more and more my love in each and every way.
Mine is just a simple proposal from a boy to a girl
A simple wish of mine that you will be with me till the end of time
Let us weave the stitch that will colour our lives
With happiness and wonderment abound
And through it all I will surround you with care and affection
Tonight I hope to make that wish to share my life with you and yours with mine
For the future of our lives to realize the hopes Ive been holding that you will be
my dearest wife
'Will You Marry Me Min Min ? '

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Proposal


Like every married couple, there is always the ONE proposal that is cherished and remembered - The Marriage Proposal. For me, I just wanted to initiate a new phase in our relationship. Actually, from day one ,we already sort of knew that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives, i guess after over a year and a half together, i knew that i was ready to pop the question. Guess i couldnt wait to 'tie' her down heehee...seriously, i just felt that i wanted her to know that i was very committed to her and that i loved her lots.
Being practical, i actually took her around to look at rings with the reason that when the time came in the near future, I would at least know what kind of rings she liked and it was a good way to find her ring size so that we would not need to resize the ring. Anyway, i think she suspected I was up to something but still, she had no clue when i was going to pop the question. I got all our rings from Meyson - Hearts and Arrows as they are contemporary in design and offer value for money plus the service is quite good.

The next step was of course to plan for the proposal. Since she had said that she liked to ride on the cable car, i decided to book a cable car sky dinner package. I told her that it was just a normal celebratory dinner when she queried what was the special occasion. So on 11 nov 2006,i drove her to the cable car station at Harbourfront and we hopped onto the cable car which was specially prepared with a dining table. I had to hide all my 'props' from her view.

The dinner was a $138 set for two which was okay, though the pumpkin soup was delicious. While we were having our meal, i stopped eating and then shiverishly took out a poem that i had composed for her and read it out to her. The poem expressed my feelings for her and how much i wanted to love her and care for her and expressed my desire to marry her. She was very touched and started shedding tears of joy . Then i gave her a marker pen. This surprised her as she was wondering what this could be for.

Then i presented her with a Precious Moments figurine of a boy proposing to a girl and holding a note with the boxes - YES / NO . i asked her to tick her answer on the figurine note. Seeing her tick the YES box really made me the happiest guy on earth!

Following this, i told her that i had typed out my proposal and framed it in another Precious Moments frame which i presented to her. Then of course, i took out the proposal ring and put it on her finger. The rest of the night was just blissful and lovey dovey!

Of course. the night ended with me having to do the customary kneeling proposal stance in the lift when she realised i did not kneel down while proposing to her as the cable cabin was too cram for that. Luckily, the lift did not stop at any floor so no one saw me kneeling down on the lift floor proposing to my darling !

Monday, October 1, 2007

Couple Time : Spending meaningful time together

As a courting couple in the past and now a married couple, we take effort to spend as much time as we can with each other. It helps that we share the same likes in most areas and that we share common perspectives in life. Some people say that couples should not be sticky but we beg to differ.

The basic premise is that if you can't bear or think twice about spending every minute with yr loved one, then you should reconsider marriage. We enjoy being with each other so much that we never tire of being together, nor is it any big sacrifice being a big part of each other's lives.

Doing common things together, sharing and talking and of course appreciating each other, so that we dont take each other for granted. Say at least one thank you, i love you, you're special, you're wonderful, call terms of endearment each day..all these are the spices that help the relationship to bloom and grow. Spending time together helps to create shared memories, experiences which create many fertile ground for generative conversations.