Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Repair Kerb Rash @ Autokinetics

All car proud drivers would understand the heart pain when your nice rims get damaged by contact with a kerb and would definitely want to quickly restore their rims. Recently in order to avoid a jay walking pedestrian, we had a slight kerb rash when our left rear rim contacted with a kerb around a car park exit. Definitely heartpain to see damage to one's shiny rims. A search online brought us to Autokinectics, a tyre shop in Macpherson where they also do spraypainting and repair of rims beside wheel alignment. Jake, one of the owner of Autokinetics did an assessment of our kerbed rim to give a quote @ $40 to restore the rim which is very reasonable. The kerbed area was sanded down,buffed and then resprayed within 30 minutes. As the pictures show, you cant spot the area that was restored. Though if you look really closely, you may be able to see some light fine scratches which will indicate the area that was restored but the result was acceptable for $40. We also did wheel alignment for front and rear wheels with Jake as he had the settings for the F20 and E87 1 series at $80 on their brand new Hunter laser based alignment system which supports BMW models.They can be contacted at -http://autokinetics.sg/contact/
(Above)Kerb Rash can be seen on edge of rim
(Above)Kerb Rash area sanded down and buffed before respray
(Above)Restored rim. Can you spot the restored area?
(Above)Car raised up with alignment targets mounted to all 4 wheels.
(Above)KDSII wheel alignment targets mounted onto the wheel for precise alignment seting by the machine.