Thursday, August 18, 2011

Short break in Kuala Lumpur(Part 4) Food

Of course, a trip down to KL must include affordable good food and we did indulge ourselves silly and came back at the end of the trip heavier in body mass and would we dare say body fat! For breakfast, we usually headed for our usual fix of either roti canai(prata) at the Indian Muslism coffeeshop opposite our hotel at Capitol Hotel doing just as the locals do.

(Above)Roti Canai - 50 cents SGD for one egg prata.

If we wanted airconditioned surroundings, we would go for Toast and Eggs at Old Town Coffee at Berjaya Times Square or Toastbox at Food Republic at Pavillion. Other times, we would decide on a sandwich and tea breakfast set at Coffee Spice Cafe at KLCC which is popular with the office crowds due to their cheap set meals and quick takeaways of kuays.

(Above) Gayle at spices cafe waiting for our order.

(Above) Having a cuppa in the morning

(Above) Toastbox at Food Republic. Long queues from office corwds on weekdays as early as 8am.

(Above) A satisfying breakfast completed at Toastbox

(Above) Craving for a soupy breakfast? Kimchi noodles at Food Republic at Pavillion

(Above)Gayle leaving Old Town Coffee

(Above) Old Town breakfast set.

(Above) Nasi Lemak from Old Town is popular since it is a full meal for the same price as a toast set. We had that upon our arrival at KL while waiting to check into our hotel.

(Above)Wash the heat away with their chendol, not the best we have tasted but still, something to beat the heat with.

In KL, perhaps food bargains can be found at Fast Food Chains like Mcdonalds which may be cheaper than eating hawker food. A typical lunch set meal sets you back by about $6 MYR which is like SGD$2.40 for a filet fish burger, upsized fries and drink.

(Above) Lunch at Mcdonald is a relatively good bargain

(Above) Jalan Alor Street

Jalan Alor is perhaps the most famous tourist eating spot situated within walking distance from Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle at Bukit Bintang area. If you’re looking for local Chinese hawker food with a Malaysian interpretation, then this is one of the place to visit. It scores because it provides a slice of good Malaysian food at a convenience since it is so accessible for tourists. It's a good food retreat after all the shopping along Bukit Bintang. You pick and choose which group of stores you fancy. Usually,go for the ones that are most crowded with locals ordering in Cantonese. Pick your seat and you will be swamped by representatives fro the different hawker stores belonging to the same shop you are patronising. Look through the menu to order anything from char kway teow to fried dishes. Satay comes in orders of 15 sticks per set at $9MYR which translates to about SGD$0.20 cents per stick of satay. Each set comes with with 2 ketupat and usual accompaniment of sliced onions and cucumbers.

(Above) Satay - really sweet and tender, well marinated thick chunks of meat. Singapore satays cannot compare to this!

(Above)Gayle at our usual spot at Jalan Alor.

(Above) Vegetables with garlic, simple yet savoury

(Above)Balacan Sotong - let the fragrance of the Balacan and the softness of teh sotong rock your dining table!

(Above)Chilli Frog Leg. DOn't worry about the chilli, no kick at all but the dish is just wonderful!

(Above)The second time to Jalan Alor, we ordered the spring onion version of claypot frog legs. Really tasty with the onions, ginger and spring onions giving a tasty zest to the frog meat.

(Above) Nice hawker staple - Char Kway Teow with lots of bean sprouts served. The chilli is shiok.

(Above) Mussels fried with black beans, addictive gravy and juicy mussels!

(Above) Deer meat with spring onions and ginger. Tasty and with no lingering smell.

(Above) Stingray meat, really thick slab of fish meat, double the normal portions you find in Singapore at $10 to $12MYR.

(Above) Usual favorite- Smabal Kankong - just right for us. otehrs may find the sambal tame.

(Above)Wash down every meal with fresh fruit juices at only $2MYR each.

(Above) Cute budget hotel along Jalan Alor that caught our attention as we ate.