Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Installation of CSR Spoiler on Golf Mk6 Sports

To add the final sporty touch to our Golf, we ordered a Golf Mk6 Rear Spoiler from German accessory company - CSR Automotive through Lyonel from Godspeed. The spoiler took two weeks to arrive and a day to spray paint. Installation was by the staff at HAT at Kaki Bukit and took half a day. CSR is a TUV quality certified company specialising in car accessories for brands like BMW, Porsche , VW , Audi , SEAT. The CSR sport hatch spoiler gives the Golf 6 a more aggressive rear profile with extended depth and profile as compared to other spoilers.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Refurbishment of our main door

After more than 3 years of exposure to strong sunshine and rain, our main door looked faded and the laminates at the corners of the door were starting to peel.
We called Jonas from Contat Decor and Transportation who had built our customised main door for us three years back once again to request his service to refurbish our
main door. As usual, he was prompt and helpful with advice and we made an appointment for his guys to come down to do the door refurbishment.

The whole process took about 3 hours. The door was taken off it's hinges first and then work was done on removing the old laminate around the door edges and replacing them with a new cut of laminate. After the laminate was pasted and glue dried, the door was reattached back and then sanding was done to smoothen the door surface. Then a few coats of varnish were applied as a protectant sealant for the door laminate and our door was as good as new again. The whole service cost $160.50 nett.

(Above)Friendly Uncle from Contat Door removing our door for refurbishment works.

(Above)Measuring to cut to size the new strip of laminate for teh door edges.

(Above)Trimming the new laminate for a good fit.

(Above) Door goes back on again

(Above)Sanding of the door

(Above) Closer look at the new strip of laminate at the edge of the door.

(Above) Uncle varnishing the door

(Above)Our door shiny and new once again

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New pastry creations

Gayle's exploration with fondant cakes continues.... Fondant Lily decor

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cakes from Gayle

Another week and Gayle has a new cake to add to her fondant cake collection.