Friday, July 5, 2013

M performance Steering with Race Display

Felt that the original steering was too basic after coming from a Golf R sports steering in my previous car. Negotiated with PML Aftersales and managed to get a good discounted deal through CSA Moosdan on the M Performance Sports Steering wheel with Race Display LED in alcantra. Steering does a beautiful lights display on engine start up from red to green led with teh display showing M Performance wording. LED shift lights light up when you step on your accelerator giving you that rush feeling of exhiliration. In sports mode, you can feel the steering stiffen and more sensitive to your steering inputs. Steering boss comes with carbonfibre design. In the centre of the steering is a small but bright LED screen that displays different modes such as water and oil temperatures, G meter, stopwatch etc at the touch of 2 buttons at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock of the steering. Alcantra provides a comfortable material to grip steering confidently especially when cornering hard.

Paint sealant and waxing package at Groomwerkz

Just renewed my package at Groomwerkz for comprehensive exterior and interior detailing, polishing and paint sealant. Good prompt service without any hard sell and convenient locations, one in the east at Chai Chee and one at Esplanade ( especially useful since they give you a free parking ticket so you can do your shopping or errands in town while car is being waxed and you can take your time to get back ). Cost is $535 for 5 grooming sessions of comprehensive service and 24 free car wash. The result of 1 grooming session is evident in the photo above of my 1 year old car which looks as good as new.

If you noticed the car looking a little different from previous, yes, i added AC Schnitzer front and rear spoilers, and BMW M Performance Sideskirts so car looks overall more sporty in a subtle way