Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pretty cakes by Gayle

Gayle is in the midst of her Wilton Gum Paste and Fondant course and these are 2 of her starting pretty creations(above). She is currently taking the course at Phoon Huat which is far better than her other earlier Wilton course at BIY. The advantage of Phoon Huat is that there is more time for your work, the instructors are very helpful and they do not rush you off. Importantly, while the fee at Phoon Huat is slightly higher than a similar course at BIY, note that Phoon Huat provides everything that you need for the course such as equipment like cake smoother, fondant imprint mat, rolling pin etc which is more than the Wilton standard package so you don't have to buy every single item, which is good for those who want to try out and see if they are keen before committing financially to procuring more items. Another good thing is that you can just come out of your class and pop into the Phoon Huat store to buy all your baking needs after getting all inspired at the classes.Phoon Huat baking courses are held at Geylang Lor 23, One Sims Lane, #01-10/11 Singapore 387355. Transport wise, Phoon Huat is more convenient being just within walking distance(about 10 minutes) to Aljunied MRT station.

(Above)Pretty dog cant keep away from pretty cake!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Door Signs for sale ! New oval shaped sign available now.

Thanks to all our readers who bought our door signs and are happy with the look on their doors and gates over the past 3 years since we started our blog. Have a classy door sign to complement your new main door or to replace the old HDB issued door signs. New oval stainless steel design now available in addition to the original standard design of black base. Email: for pricing(from $35 onwards)and other queries.

1st VW Golf 1.4TSI Sports halogen headlight conversion to HID LED xenon headlights in Singapore

Our VW Golf Sports has become the first VW Golf 1.4TSI Sports in Singapore to have completed conversion of it's halogen headlights to the latest VW OEM(Original Equipment) LED HID Xenon Headlights imported from VW Germany. Conversion and programming was done by Raymond from Juzz For Cars at Sin Ming Autopoint. We would like to commend Raymond for his meticulous work and always ready to answer our 'noob' questions. The Audi like LED really give the car a unique look while adding to day driving safety. The conversion took two days as it was the first such conversion in Singapore and well, the time spent in the workshop was well worth the final look.Thanks also to Peter from Juzz For Cars for arranging the conversion and rushing down to collect the lights and bulb holder when it arrived.
With this , our Golf has become a full LED car with front and rear LED headlights and tail lights

(Above) LED rear Golf R OEM tail and brake lights

Rieger Replica bodykit for VW Golf Mk 6 1.4TSi Sports

Over the past week, I sent our Golf Sports to the guys at Carbon Revo(above) at 50 Serangoon North Ave 4 First Centre #02-09 S555856 to install a bodykit to give the car a classy sporty look. They offered the cheapest price online for a reiger Replica kit and allowed me to select and mix and match items. The front and sides of the car were fitted with the Rieger replica front lip and skirts and sideskirts while the rear was fitted with a vortex rear diffuser for the OEM twin exhaust.
I got the guys there to cut a under section of the sideskirt so that there is allowance for the clamp of a wheel jack to clamp on the hardened undercarriage found in every car for future wheel changes as the plastic bodykit will not be able to absorb the pressure of the car weight if a wheel jack clamp is placed upon it.See below pictures of the cutting and positioning of wheel jack so that we know which section to cut off.

However do note that installation was not so satisfactory as it was outsourced to another shop by Carbonrevo.

(Above) Reiger sideskirt unpainted.

(Above) Unpainted front lips and skirting

(Above) Vortex rear diffuser unpainted

The silicon sealing was not done properly for the sideskirts. To overcome this, I got the guys at Advanced Scratchmaster (ADSM) at 33 Kim Chuan Drive to reinstall the bodykit and respray to the same body colour as the car. A word of advice is that it is good if you are free to stay around and monitor the job as I found again certain paintwork not up to expectations when it is done by the younger workers. The older uncles agreed with me that it wasn't a job well done and they resprayed and resealed the silicon and I must say the uncles really showed they have the skills and attitude over the youngsters. I also got the uncles to install wire meshing for the rear air vent of the reiger sideskirt.

(Above) Our Stock VW Golf 1.4TSI at VW showroom during car collection day.

(Above) Reiger sideskirt

(Above) Reiger Front skirt lips

(Above) Sideskirt air vent mesh.

(Above) Vortex rear diffuser - top bumper part sprayed same red body colour while for bottom diffuser part, it is sprayed matt black.

(Above) To finish up the rear look, a pair of OSIR chrome muffler tips are fitted over the original exhaust pipes.

(Above) Reiger bodykit front stands out much more than vortex(Silver Golf) which is more subdued.

(Above) Reiger skideskirt with the air vent and deeper creased lines to match the Golf's tornado line design

(Above) Vortex more mundane sideskirt - a very much more subdued look.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shayna is 3 years old!

Shayna, our dear doggy is 3 years old! Time really flies and this are just some shots to capture this naughty and greedy girl who never fails to put on a sweet act and fool others into thinking she is so 'kwai'. Always jealous and possessive of her toys and even each of us. She will jump and disturb us when me and gayle are too close together for her comfort.

(Above) Shayna 6 months old.

(Above)Shayna 1 year old

(Above) Shayna 2 years old

(Above) Shayna 3 years old

Gayle's pastry beginnings

Gayle has in the past months started on her journey into the world of patisserie. She has completed Creative Culinaire school's Cake making foundation, Wilton Course 1decorating basics at B-I-Y and will be starting on her Wilton Course 3 gum paste and fondant course at Phoon Huat and then going on to her cake making intermediate at Creative Culinaire. All these are laying the groundwork for our future dreams.

(Above) Gayle's first swiss roll cakes

(Above) Gayle practicing the basics of decorating on biscuit surface.

(Above) Display of cakes made by Gayle and her course mates at Wilton course. Gayle's cake is the unique white cake with blue shaggy mums decor as she didn't want to do the traditional rose petals cakes.

(Above) Cupcakes done by Gayle

Along the way, we have researched on some nice cakes and designs on the internet and hope to achieve this standard in the not too distant future.