Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baking Beetroot cake ( red velvet cake)

Gayle was interested in learning how to make the popular red velvet cake and in her research process, she was horrified by the amount of food colouring that outside bakeries use to give the cake it's red colour sponge. So she went back to tradition and basics to find a healthier and natural method and found that the origins of the red velvet cake actually came from beetroot cake, using the beetroot vegetable. Gayle bought 1 beetroot at 70cents and blended the beetroot foor use in the cake and to give the cake a natural red shine. She also made cream cheese frosting to layer and cover the cake as it is traditionally done for red velvet or beetroot cakes. The cake was very well received by family, friends and colleagues and they liked it for it's distinct taste and the good balance between the beetroot sponge and the cream cheese frosting.There are plans by Gayle to sell the cake with decor in the near future. Check out the blog!

(Above)Beetroot plant

(Above) Beetroot peeled, cut and blended

(Above) Beetroot puree after blending

(Above)Oven warmed up.

(Above) Sifting of sugar into the bowl of batter, cocoa powder, butter.

(Above)Vanilla extract added.

(Above) The beetroot puree will be poured into the bowl and mixed.

(Above)After the baking process, the beetroot cake ready to be sliced for layering.

(Above)Covering the cake with cream cheese frosting