Sunday, October 18, 2009

Past and Present - The C Class Coupe and the CLC Coupe

(Left) Our new CLC coupe and (Right) the older C Class Coupe

So happened that we saw a Merc C Class Coupe which for the non car buff is a previous incarnation of our CLC coupe parked beside us. Being the car buff that I am, I couldn't resist a photo shot to just compare the past and present. We can see that the CLC is a gradual evolution of the C Class coupe, rather than a radical change with similar bodylines but updated with 1100 new parts including a redesigned front with new projector headlights and rear to update with the new W204 C Class plus updated engine with higher output and lower fuel consumption,LED side mirror winkers, direct steer and suspension and updated Audio 20 stereo and communications set and new speed sensitive SLK based steering wheel and chrome lined dash meters plus multi function information console.7 years separate both models with the C Class Coupe launched in 2001 and the CLC launched in 2008.

At One Caramel

Over the weekend, we celebrated mom's birthday with slurrpy and delicious bowls of Hakata ramen at Yoshimaru Ramen Bar at Playground @ East Coast. Mom and brother enjoyed the ramen as did we. Highlight was finding another opportunity to try more cakes haha at One Caramel @ The Luxe off Handy Road, beside the Cathay cinema. We were wondering if we should check our weigh this month, what with our cake binge.

The cakes we tried were D'Avocat comprising of avocado and fruity connoction layed with sponge cake and topped with blueberry: the Red Velvet which is layered moist velvet sponge dressed with layers of rich dark chocolate and cherry ganache ; and the Mango Mascarpone ( which is recommended as a must try) featuring oh so sinfully rich mascarpone cheese cream coupled with coconut crumble topped with a refreshing mango compote.

(Above and below) Red Velvet coupled with a macaron at the side.

(Above and below) D'Avocat

(Above and below)Mango Mascarpone

Cakes from Rive Gauche at Takashimaya

On the next part of our cake escapades this week, we happen to pass by Takashimaya and bought cakes from a Japanese styled patisserie - Rive Gauche. We bought two slices -

Pistachio Cherry (above) which features two layers of soft melt in the mouth chocolate sponge sandwiched with sweet pistachio and chery mousse;

Caramel nut(below) which features pudding like caramel sandwiched between two layers of light chocolate. The caramel nut was a unique cake that tasted more like a chocolate pudding and had no sponge within.

Service was good with the staff putting in extra care in placing the cake slices within the cake box and putting in dry ice to keep the cakes cool for the trip home.