Sunday, September 16, 2007

Welcome to Bliss&Dreams

Welcome to our very own one stop portal, full of genuine information on planning that very special day. We offer personal opinions that hopefully will give you a different perspective, to make your own informed decision, coz we believe that you should make your own choices that you are comfortable with. We do not claim to be gurus but rather just a fun loving and sentimental couple who just want to contribute to the wealth of information that will help make your special day just full of bliss and dreams! This site is also to celebrate our own journey together down the joyous path of being lovers, friends and soul mates.


Eugin & Gayle

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CK Hwang said...

Hi Eugin and Gayle, congrats on setting up your very own wedding planning blog. It's really good advice, I've already read all those articles and I'll certainly be sending more clients over to have a read etc.

Thanks so much for such a nice writeup and keep me posted on what you guys are up to ok.