Sunday, October 21, 2012

Authentic Napalenese food in Singapore - Gurkha Palace

We drop by our favorite Napalese food joint in Singapore - Gurkha Palace, a modest home feel airconditioned eating place located at 51 Chander Road, S(219548). The naans here are really good- soft fluffy and especially pur favorite, rich aroma of the butter and garlic naan. For 2 persons, 3 naans will be just nice which are cut up in convenient pieces and served to you. The naans take some time to cook which can range from 20 to 30mins depending on crowd but is piping hot and fresh. Also, for starters, you will be served with pappadum dipped in mint sauce.
(Above)Pappadum fresh crispy and warm - a good start.
(Above) Mint sauce for dipping the Pappadum
(Above)Fragrant and savoury butter and garlic naan.
(Above)Palak Paneer
(Above)Mutton Masala - We usually order main dishes of Mutton Masala ( mutton cubes cooked in spicy gravy with onions and green chilli ) which are good dips for the naan.This is a little spicy which we like for the kick, yet it is not too hot for the stomach and throat. But still, taste varies and those that are sensitive to spiciness, do avoid dishes that are spicy. We also ordered a vegetable dish called Palak Paneer (Fresh home made cottage cheese cooked with spinach) whose fragrance and milder taste offset the spiciness. Cheese is mild tasting so do give it a try, The cubes of cheese taste and have a texture like toufu if you did not know they were cheese. The next order was for a very tasty serving of ladyfingers called Bhindi Do Piaza (Ladyfingers cooked with onion, tomatoes and spices)and the unique thing is there is no usual sliminess of cooked ladyfingers. This tasted so nice that we forgot to take a picture of it. A meal for two with plain cold water ( the best drink so that you can savor the taste of the food) costs about $32 with taxes.You can refer to their website at -

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