Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Hidden Sanctuary, Away from the World

Our Home - A Hidden sanctuary , Away from the World
We near the renovation period of our flat with a pictorial show of our flat. This is for friends and relatives who have asked to see what our place looks like but due to work and other commitments, we have not been able to do so , this is for them and for our cyber friends who share our love for contemporary design. Cheers

Watch for the next posting where we will put up before and after pictures of the flat to reflect the changes that have transformed our home into a sanctuary for us both.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eugin & Gayle,

I must say that your blog is pretty impressive. It contains details that young couples need to look out for when they are planning for their lives together.

Both me and wifey are awed by the bold design of your love nest. We are planning to re-renovate our current flat and brainstorming on the theme.

Your design has inspired us to be more adventurous in choosing our pleasant yet contemporary setup for our flat.

Keep up the good work in maintaining this blog.


K & C

Anonymous said...


Your place is really vy nicely done. Love your curtain wardrobe idea, may I know what hanging system r u using? Is from ikea or others?

Pls email me at

Thanks :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog. I'm trying to plan a renovation in Singapore from overseas so it was very helpful.

I love the design of your place
Could you please send me the details of your contractor, if you don't mind?

I can be reached at

Thank you!