Monday, February 4, 2008

Week 14 - Final stages of Renovation

New Accessory to the house :
In line with the contemporary look, we have been scouting around for pieces of accessories to make the house feel distinct/ For example, we sourced from Molecule Jamesthe Book End to support the books on our shelf in the study.

New Bedside Table Lighting :

We sourced from Lightcraft 2 pieces of very contemporary designed lamps for our bedside tables. The silver glint and the unconventional square design of the lamp provides a fit to the contemporary look of the master bed room. Price was about $90 per lamp.


More rectification works this week. As we cleaned and looked around the house, we found certain areas that were not quite up to the mark and asked our ID Jackie to rectify ( ie paintjob - certain corners not painted throughly , silicon in certain areas require laying, scratches on some lamination in the cabinets ) Expect much of this detailing towards the end of the renovation phase as the focus shift on completion of renovation to works inspection before final 10% payment and handover.

Do look for areas like silicon feeling ( gaps between wall and cabinets / between wire casing and wall ) ,plastering of holes where pipes run through , adding of cement screed to fill gaps between tiles, inspection of faulty tiles whose edges poke out etc )

We also asked for the doors of the kitchen cabinet to be adjusted so that the gap between two doors is a precise fit.

Our grey coloured sofa from IKEA arrived this weekend to help complete the look of the room. As mentioned before, this would be a lazy hang out leisure corner for us and any guests within a cozy setting. We bought a white side table from IKEA to complement the sofa. A Orange circular motifed quilt was also sourced from IKEA and laid over to provide a complementary and soft look for the sofa.

To give full play to the play of light and shadows in the orange room, we changed the bulb from a frosted one to a clear one which allows the light to shine through and cast an inter-play of patterns to the room.


To brighten up the white wall along the kitchen, Gayle decided to buy a contemporary art piece from IKEA. It helps to lessen the 'domestication' image of the kitchen and give it some flair.

We called the friendly folks from Tan Seng Hua Gas Supply 62895554 to install the SPC gas cylinder and gas regulator to the Rinnai hob as our block does not have piped gas. The uncle - Mr Tan was very friendly and showed us safety aspects of the regulator and was impressed with our hob as it has a built in gas detector that automatically shuts off the gas if it detects the flame has been extinguished.

( To be continued as cleaning goes on.... )

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