Sunday, November 1, 2009

Having fresh sashimi at Sakuraya Fish Mart

We usually go to Sakuraya Fish Mart at Parkway Parade basement #B-183D for value for money and fresh sashimi and just fail to understand why there are crowds at places like Sakae Sushi hankering after expensive, small pieces of not really good grade sashimi. Sakuraya also stocks many Japanese food items and is just a little non pretentious place that offers good food.

(Above) Our platter of sashimi

(Above) Sashimi prawns - succulent and juicy

(Above) Sashimi scallops - natural sweetness and tender to the bite

Usually, a very full and good meal at Sakuraya ranges between $30 - $40. The quality and quantity beats any reasonably or even higher priced establishments hands down in our honest opinion. You just go to the glass counter, pick your sashimi based on your liking and budget and the chef will slice for you the sashimi and prepare it with shredded turnip. Do give it a try if you have not. Don't forget to try their miso soup(below) which is much more worth than the green tea.

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