Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dinner at Cafeteria IL Lido @ Suntec

(Above) Interior of Cafeteria IL Lido

Over the weekend, we had dinner at Cafeteria IL Lido located at Suntec city since it was recommended by 8 days. We found the menu quite limited in it's choices and well, while the food was not bad, it didn't strike us as something to die for or to return to. Just try once for the the experience. Maybe expectations from us were high since it was a casual offshoot of the fine dining IL Lido Italian restaurant at Sentosa. We shared the smoked duck pizza which is thin crusted with gooey cheese and slices of smoked duck meat and the Scallopine Mushroom which is a filling beef course served with a sumptuous wine-based sauce, with ratatouille on the side.

(Above and Below - Smoked Duck pizza )

(Above - Scallopine Mushroom )

As we went at five plus, there wasn't really anyone around other than a couple at another table. Hence, service was prompt as expected since there weren't many people. It cost about nearly $30 for our orders and we left feeling somehow not quite satisfied. To be fair, just treat it as a fast food Italian food joint and you won't have your expectations let down but still we felt it could have been better.

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