Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Dining with Couscous

(Above) My dardar cooking while the greedy girl(Shayna) looks on with a smile.

Over the weekend, my dearest wife cooked Italian style couscous for dinner. Couscous is derived from semolina wheat that is coated with wheat flour. When cooked, it becomes a serving of very fine grains of fragrant rice. Intially introduced by the Middle East, it has become a mainstay in Italian cooking.

We bought a packet of San Remo's packaged couscous from Cold Storage. Chopped Bacon strips were first fried and put aside.

(Above) Bacon in the pan

The bacon would provide some light meaty flavoring. Chicken broth was then heated to boiling point whereby the couscous was then added in. The pot was then covered and the fire turned off.

After about 3-4 min of simmering, butter was added into the couscous and mixed in over low heat. Then the couscous was left to simmer with the heat off. Finally, all the seasoning comprising of ground pepper, sea salt, dried mixed herbs was added in together with the other main ingredients such as bacon for meat and vegetables like capsicum and chervil. All these brought the flavors together within the couscous.

The ingredients for the couscous(above) appears to be quite light but do not be deceived as couscous,being wheat makes for a full meal even with a small serving. Simple yet delicious.

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