Saturday, November 21, 2009

At The Retreat Spa @ Changi

If you are looking for a classy massage spa where you don't want to be pushed to purchase packages and where you want professional, discrete and good service, do try out the Retreat Spa @ Changi Village hotel. It's where we go to have a good body massage. We tried their couple package for our first wedding anniversary celebration and it's really nice since you can have a bubbling jacuzzi on the rooftop with your loved one, eating chocolate fruit fondue, sipping wine and watching the planes fly by and then proceed on to a relaxing full body wrap and massage. The service there has been very good and the massage really perks you up. Although we just selected ala carte items on our recent trip there, they provided us with a couple room at no extra charge and which provided a cozy and private atmosphere for us to relax. Some pictures of the couple room we took.You can find out more about their packages and services at :

(Above - The couple room we were given , cozy and private )

(Above - The room is quite spacious with a sofa for us to enjoy some fondue)

(Above- The steambath we had before proceeding on to a shower )

(Above- The jacuzzi in our couple room )

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